atelier ipsilonでは、手仕事による、シルバー・革・木などを使ったオリジナルジュエリーブランド「YUCA ASAMI」の制作・販売、

At atelier ipsilon, we produce and sell handmade products using silver, leather, and wood for our original jewelry brand “YUCA ASAMI”,
produce and remake made-to-order high jewelry pieces handling gold and platinum, and hold metal engraving classes.


浅見 由香/Yuka Asami


I give shape to beautiful things.
This is the simple foundation for my creations.
Things we can see, and things we can’t see. Things we can hear, and things we can’t hear. Things we can touch, and things we can’t touch…
I turn my attention onto everything of beauty in this world, sculpt their forms one by one, and give expression to their worldviews.
And in all work, the underlying theme is a "world without borders".
Nature and people, animals and people, people and other people, etc ... I want to shape a world where everything coexists in harmony and
without borders (it must be very beautiful).
Beautiful things and beautiful concepts bring people pleasure and hope.
I would be delighted if my work could be part of that hope, stimulating the imagination, and a partner for life that brings out the beauty of
those wearing it.

フィレンツェ「Le arti orafe」にて彫金技術の基礎を学ぶ
帰国後、オーダーメイドジュエリーやリフォームの制作で技術を錬磨し、オリジナルジュエリーブランド「YUCA ASAMI」」を発表
2009年、atelier ipsilonとして新たに始動、彫金教室を併設

Graduated from Tama Art University (Tokyo, JAPAN), Department of Graphic Design.
After working on cosmetics and food package design at a design studio, jewelry planning and design at a precious metals wholesale manufacturer,
and jewelry display design at jewelry shops and exhibitions, went to Italy.
Learned the basics of metal engraving technique at “Le arti orafe” in Florence.
After returning to Japan, honed techniques through producing made-to-order and remade jewelry, and announced original jewelry brand “YUCA ASAMI”.
In 2009, got off to a new start as atelier ipsilon, and built an attached metal engraving classroom.